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"He loved country music, but he really didn't like the country music business and didn't think it should be angled just at Nashville. The music's bigger than that. It should touch everybody." - Keith Richards
Sep 15, 2012
Wanted to extend huge thanks to all the folks who made the Americana Fest's "Gram Parsons Notebook" event a huge success for all. Another word can't be written without gratefully acknowledging Sin City Social Club's Shilah Morrow. Her work in making this event a success is appreciated beyond words. Thanks also to Kyla Fairchild from No Depression, who first came up with the idea to hold this event during the AMA's. Jeff Nolan from Hard Rock Cafe's Memorabilia is also the key to even discovering the Notebook. Stashed away in a warehouse somewhere, it was Jeff who came across the leather bound book and upon opening to a page titled $1000 Weddin'" knew immediately to whom this belonged..... [Continue Reading]

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