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Sep 15, 2012

Gram's Notebook

....being a huge Gram fan himself, he wanted to make sure it had a special viewing with those friends and fan who would truly appreciate getting the opportunity to see what magic lay in these pages. Our friend Little Deb, also was essential at the event and sent us the photo of the Gram Parsons Foundation backdrop she hung from the patio of the Hard Rock to bring forth the pilgramage. Some amazing artists must also be thanked for particpating and doing Gram's songs justice. Each artist sang a song that was actually penned by Gram. Jim Lauderdale sang "Blessings for Being" - the same song he sang at Polly Parsons' wedding - as well as "Hickory Wind." Tim Easton did "Brass Buttons," honeyhoney crooned "Sin City," "Cyrus James did "A Song for You," Brian Wright gave two songs his stamp "Drug Store Truck Drivin Man" and "In My Hour of Darkness," while American Aquarium did "Return of the Grievous Angel" and Brendan Benson sang "Luxury Liner."

Gram Parsons Foundation was honored to be a part of this special event and we thank all of you who supported the foundation with a donation or one of the tshirts purchased. Every dollar matters and we sure appreciate you parting with your and supporting our mission. Thanks to the Readymade Music interns who helped us out as well. Please don't hesitate to visit our website and make a donation or email us with questions.

Looking forward to the next event - November.....stay tuned.