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Nov 5, 2011


To mark what would have been Gram Parsons 65th Birthday, we are giving you - the friends and fans - a gift.

Thanks to David Emerick who diligently taped these two live shows from 1973 (on his Panasonic tape player) and graciously sent them to us.

Granted the quality isn't pristine, but we are thrilled to share this with all of you.

David noted this from his experience:
"The shows were recorded on a small Panasonic recorder with a fairly cheap mic. I don't know who the soundman was for these shows, but he was horrid. You will hear, espescially in the 2nd show, where he was constantly playing with the soundboard. There's places where my tapes ran out and had to flip over, resulting in a few incomplete songs. To be honest, I was so in awe watching Gram perform, I had to remind myself to watch the tape! Gram was actually in very good shape for these shows, and I think you will hear it in the performances. Gram and Emmylou together was magic; I've never seen better duets by anyone. I was back about 3 tables from the stage and was mezmerized both nights. My only regrets are I didn't go all five nights and I didn't use better recording equiptment. Being in college and broke at the time probably played into both of those decisions. To know then what we know now....."

Thank you David for sharing this treasure with ALL of us - and thank you to BBKron for all his hard work in cleaning up these original tapes.

But most of all, thanks to each and every one of you for you love and support and for keeping Gram music and spirit alive.....

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